FKF Imposes Stringent Rules on Muhoroni Youth After Continuous Turmoil

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has decided to impose sanctions on Muhoroni Youth following complaints from football stakeholders in the country. The FKF CEO Barry Otieno issued a notice stating that they received numerous complaints against Muhoroni Youth, including denial of pitch access for visiting teams, maltreatment of visiting team officials and players, intentional delay of match kick-offs, and harassment of media teams and journalists by Muhoroni Youth security personnel. He also raised concerns over unfair officiating in a match where Simba wa Nairobi lost 0-2. In response to these concerns, FKF issued strict directives that Muhoroni Youth must adhere to in order to host their next FKF Premier League matches.

These include guarantees for safety and security, no delays in match kick-offs, granting access to the pitch for visiting teams and media, renovation of essential amenities to a satisfactory standard, proper placement of the public address system, and the use of uniformed police officers at the inner perimeter gate accessing the pitch. The notice further stated that failure to adhere to these conditions will result in the matter being referred to relevant FKF Committees for further determination, which may include sanctions and additional requirements. FKF emphasized its commitment to ensuring a safe, fair, and conducive environment for all teams, officials, and media personnel participating in the Premier League. They expressed their trust that Muhoroni Youth FC will take immediate steps to address these concerns and comply with the conditions set forth.

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