Ministry of Sports Increases Slots for African Games in Response to Pressure

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Athletics Kenya faced backlash from athletes over the decision to select only one representative for each category in the upcoming 2023 African Games. The athletes expressed their frustration, feeling that the governing body’s approach was unfair after expending significant resources to participate in the trials. Led by Mary Moraa, the athletes objected to the decision, arguing that it did not recognize their efforts and investments.

In response to the athletes’ concerns, Athletics Kenya announced that the number of athletes chosen to represent the country would be increased. This decision came after a consultative meeting with the Ministry of Sports. However, it was emphasized that only athletes meeting the qualifications and criteria would be selected.

Former world champion Julius Yego highlighted that the athletes felt marginalized during the decision-making process, expressing disappointment over the lack of respect and support for Kenyan runners. The athletes voiced their grievances, noting the challenges they faced, including inadequate training facilities. Notably, world champion Mary Moraa achieved a time of 51.47 seconds in the 400m, and David Sanayiek secured a win in the men’s 400m semis.

The remaining athletes were set to compete to secure spots to represent the country at the upcoming continental event.

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