Nick Mwendwa declared ineligible to run for FKF Presidency by Sports Registrar in Kenya.

The President of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF), Nick Mwendwa, is approaching the end of his second four-year term in office, set to conclude on July 29, 2024. However, the Sports Registrar, Rose Wasike, has declared that Mwendwa is not eligible to run for office again in the upcoming elections later this year. This declaration is based on the Sports Act, which stipulates a maximum of two four-year terms for elected officials.

Wasike has informed the FKF that current officials must prepare to vacate their positions after completing their term limits. She emphasized that according to the Second Schedule of the Sports Act, officials will not be eligible for re-election after serving two four-year terms, which will be completed on July 29, 2024. The Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) also plays a role in ensuring compliance with term limits, as indicated in SDTSC NO.E034, where the Tribunal declined to allow certain officials to vie for additional terms.

Therefore, the expired term officials are tasked with overseeing the FKF elections and facilitating the smooth transition of power to the newly elected officials. In addition to Mwendwa, four other top officials have also been declared ineligible to run in the upcoming polls. These officials include Mwendwa’s deputy president, Doris Petra, and National Executive Committee (NEC) members Muriithi Nabea, Joseph Andere, and Emos Kweya from various regions.

All these officials are affected by the term limit regulations set forth in the Sports Act.

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