International Wa South Sudan akitoa mkutano wa kuagana baada ya miaka 5 na AFC Leopards

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# Saad Musa leaves AFC Leopards after 5 years
Saad Musa, a South Sudanese attacking midfielder, announced his departure from AFC Leopards, a prominent club in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League. His five-year stint with the club, which began in 2018, came to an end. Musa expressed his gratitude towards the club and its supporters, citing his journey as a memorable one. He described the affectionate titles he received from the fans and expressed his appreciation for the experience.

Musa’s decision to leave the club as a free agent during the January transfer window was mutual, following a series of injuries that hindered his impact on the team. Recounting the setbacks he faced, Musa mentioned specific instances where injuries, including a knee injury, had plagued his ability to play for the club. Despite efforts to recover and return to training, persistent injuries prevented Musa from contributing consistently to the team.

In his emotional post, Musa also shared the challenges he encountered, including unsettling comments about his injuries from some of the club’s medical staff. His candid revelations resonated with football fans, who showed support and well-wishes for his future endeavors. The tribute to Musa from fans reflected admiration for his determination and resilience in the face of adversity.

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