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Vincent Onyala of Shujaa discusses co-captaincy significance before Paris Olympics.

On the 30th of April 2024, the Kenya national rugby sevens team, Shujaa, is gearing up for the final leg of the Challenger Series set to take place in Poland from May 18. Co-captains Vincent Onyala and Tony Omondi are leading the team, and as per Onyala, having two captains makes the decision-making process easier as they can bring different perspectives to the table.

Onyala, who was part of the Shujaa squad at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, emphasized the benefits of co-captaincy, stating that it allows them to brainstorm and make better decisions for the team. During a training session at the Kasarani Annex, Onyala shared his optimism about Shujaa’s performance in the Challenger Series.

He expressed confidence in securing a top two position in the series, which will guarantee them a spot in the promotion/relegation play off in Poland. He highlighted the team’s strategic approach and determination in the upcoming competition.

Looking ahead to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, Onyala mentioned that the team views their position as having nothing to lose, considering it a strength that will motivate them to showcase their abilities. He emphasized the players’ eagerness to perform at the Games and their determination to make a mark in the competition.