Bandari FC instructed to pay ex-player Douglas Mokaya Ksh1 million for contract breach.

On 29th April 2024, the Sports Disputes Tribunal issued a ruling in the case involving Douglas Mokaya, a former player of Bandari Football Club. The tribunal ordered the club to pay Mokaya Ksh1,068,677 for breach of contract. The tribunal stated that Mokaya was terminated from the club without due process, contravening labor laws. As a result, Bandari FC was directed to pay Mokaya compensation, including one month’s salary in lieu of notice, payment for the days worked before termination, and twelve months’ pay in total.

Mokaya, who now plays for Bidco United, had filed a petition in August 2023 demanding over Ksh2 million in compensation for the premature termination of his employment contract. He cited unlawful termination and sought suitable compensation for the unexpired term of his contract. During the proceedings, Mokaya argued his case, and Bandari failed to provide sufficient evidence to counter the decision. The ruling emphasized that Bandari risks facing sanctions if they do not comply with the tribunal’s directives.

The tribunal also noted that the club and Mokaya each presented a witness to convey their positions. It further highlighted that simple interest would be applied to the awarded sums until full payment is made. The ruling from the Sports Disputes Tribunal addressed the breach of contract and highlighted the club’s failure to follow due process in terminating Mokaya’s employment. Consequently, the tribunal’s decision ordered Bandari FC to compensate Mokaya for the wrongful termination, with specific amounts detailed in the verdict.

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