Neymar sidesteps 390 million fine for constructing artificial lake at Brazilian estate

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A Brazilian court has suspended a $3 million (Ksh 390,845,125) fine imposed on soccer star Neymar last year for building a lake at his mansion on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro without an environmental license. The ruling, dated Monday and obtained by AFP Wednesday, comes after Judge Adriana Ramos de Mello cited a report from state environmental authority INEA, which asserted that the project did not require special environmental permits.

The Mangaratiba mansion, which Neymar bought in 2016, features a heliport, spa, and gym. The town council in Mangaratiba had issued four fines totaling 16 million reais ($3.3 million) for “environmental violations in the construction of an artificial lake at the player’s mansion” in the tourist town about 130 kilometers (80 miles) outside of Rio.

According to Brazilian media reports, the mansion boasts luxurious amenities alongside the controversial lake construction.

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