Nyakeri, a former student of Maseno school, receives suspension for violent behavior

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Maseno school alumni Nyakeri has been handed a suspension due to a violent action. On Wednesday, the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) disciplinary committee issued a three-week suspension to Nyakeri, who currently plays for the Nairobi-based team AP Warriors. The suspension was imposed after Nyakeri was found guilty of assaulting Walter Omwangu, a player from Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA) Sparxx during a recent match held at the institution’s grounds.

The incident occurred when Omwangu went to retrieve the ball from Nyakeri. According to the report filed by Michael Aloo, the referee of the game, Nyakeri punched Omwangu in the face. The disciplinary committee categorized the red card given to Nyakeri as a low-end on the scale of seriousness. After considering aggravating and mitigating circumstances, they decided to impose a three-week suspension on Nyakeri.

During the hearing, Nyakeri was represented by assistant manager Brian Murimi and head coach Fred Hamisi from AP Warriors. They argued that Nyakeri did not throw any punches and that the referee unfairly issued a red card without being able to see what caused the fight. Murimi seconded Hamisi’s claims and criticized Aloo’s decision to show Nyakeri a red card.

It is important to note that this suspension serves as a disciplinary action taken by the KRU to address the violent behavior exhibited by Nyakeri during the match.

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